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“The Aegean Retina Meetings are remarkable for maintaining a very sophisticated level of scientific presentation while also ensuring that the charms of the specific Greek locale are amply explored.

A thorough introduction to Greek culture and cuisine are made available to every participant--including children--in a way that no other meeting can ever hope to match.”

Donald J. D'Amico, MD



"The finest mix of science, surroundings and people that you will find anywhere."

Anthony P. Adamis, MD



“The Aegean Retina Meeting is my favorite meeting to attend-Outstanding faculty, informative discussions, excellent papers, and the geographic setting is always superb. “

R. Joseph Olk, MD


"The Aegean Retina Meeting successfully balances a valuable didactic program that encourages lively discussion with international colleagues and a colorful social program.  My family and I have fond memories of our travels through Crete and the post-meeting trip to Mykonos." 

K. Bailey Freund, MD