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Letter of Thanks from Josep Guell

Letter of Thanks from Josep Guell

Dear Ioannis,

Thank you for your invitation for the Aegean Cornea meeting 2010,
which I
would love to attend. However, the dates are exactly those for important
issues at the University (we are conducting a Master degree on clinical
research and I am the director of this Master), and so it is
impossible for
me to decline my duties in Alicante to attend the meeting.

I do hope that in the future I will be able to attend your
interesting and
most important meeting for the first time. It is a pity that at that
I cannot join you but I am sure that the future years will have a more
favourable availability from my side.

Let me express to you my friendship and recognition for your talent and
great work in favour of ophthalmology. You are one of our models and
I feel honoured and proud to be a firend an a colleague of yours.

Warmest regards,

Jorge Alio