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Achievements - Grants

Achievements - Grants

2010 - ARVO International travel grant: ARVO Meeting Program Committee.


2010 - Member of the Educational Committee:  European Academy of Optics and Optometry (EAOO).


2009 - Member of the International Society of Contact Lens Research (ISCLR) (by invitation).


2009 - Best Poster session award (EVER meeting): Alta Eficacia Tecnologia SL, Spain.


2006 - Honourary Lecturer: The University of Manchester, Faculty of Life Sciences.


2006 - Research grant: Crete Corporate Region 2000-2006” and the “General Secretariat for Research and Technology (€568.000).


2005 - Research grant: Crete Innovative Region (CRINNO) (€9.400).


2003 - Research grant: Greek State Scholarship Foundation (IKY) one-year (€8.000).


2003 - Research grant: Greek Secretariat for Research and Technology and the British Council for a collaborative project between University of Crete and University of Manchester (€18.500).


2002 - State funding: Ministry of Culture - for the development of the National Sports Vision Centre at the University of Crete (€1.200.000).


2001 - Undergraduate Project Prize for Neil Holmes (Psychology Department, University of Manchester): Experimental Psychology Society (EPS) 

2000 - ARVO travel grant: Royal Society (London).