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Sotiris Plainis, MSc, PhD, FBCLA

Sotiris Plainis, MSc, PhD, FBCLA

Sotiris Plainis, MSc, PhDphoto
Position: Principal Research Fellow

Honourary Lecturer (University of Manchester),

Visiting Research Fellow (Aston University)

Speciality : Visual Psychophysics and Electrophysiology

Telephone :+30 2810 394807 



Sotiris Plainis is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Vision and Optics (IVO) since 2002 a Honourary Lecturer at the University of Manchester (School of Life Sciences) since 2006 and a visiting Research Fellow of Aston University since 2017. His involvement in Optometry commenced in 1993, just after the completion of his undergraduate studies in Dispensing Optics (TEI Athens). He then moved to UMIST (Manchester, United Kingdom) where he completed his post-graduate (MSc and PhD) and post-doctoral studies in Optometry and Vision Sciences. At the same time he formed a Research Associate (on a project on Night myopia and road traffic accidents funded by The Department of Transport/EPSRC) and he was involved in undergraduate teaching.


He is currently employed as a Research Fellow at IVO accomplishing research, teaching and clinical work, providing a regional visual psychophysics and electrodiagnostic service.


He is a Faculty member / module leader of two postgraduate courses at the University of Crete: (i) the postgraduate multidisciplinary program "Optics & Vision" (since its beginning, 2003) and (ii) the interdisciplinary graduate program “Brain and Mind” Sciences (since 2004).


He is a member of the organizing committee of the “Aegean Summer School in Visual Optics” and, since 2004, a faculty member of the “Visual Optics” Workshop, organized by the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ESCRS). He is also an invited member of the International Society for Contact Lens Research (ISCLR), a fellow of the British Contact Lens Association (BCLA) and a past member of the Educational Committee of the European Academy in Optics and Optometry (EAOO) (2010-2015). He is also a reviewer of Postgraduate Scholarships of the British College of Optometry. Since 2015 he forms an International Vision Impairment (VI) Classifier (International Paralympic Committee). 


In parallel with his work, he has devoted his energies to improve Optometry services in Greece, through promotion of relevant literature, and research. For example, he has published in Greek Ophthalmology journals educational reviews on several optometry-related subjects. Furthermore, he regularly post to his personal blog articles and opinions on educational and professional issues in Greece. 

He has published widely in his field:

  • 56 peer-reviewed manuscripts
  • Co-Editor of the book: “Presbyopia: origins, effects and treatment”, SLACK Incorporated
  • 8 book chapters
  • 26 non peer-reviewed manuscripts [most in Greek]
  • 49 peer-reviewed abstracts
  • Editorial Board Member in J Optometry, Reviewer in 13 other journals.

Selected publications

Plainis S, Parry NRA, Sapountzis P, Murray IJ (2015). Orientation and spatial frequency selectivity following adaptation: a Reaction Time study. Perception, 44: 301-314.

Plainis S, Petratou D, Giannakopoulou T, Radhakrishnan H, Pallikaris IG, Charman EN (2013). Small-aperture monovision and the Pulfrich experience: absence of neural adaptation effects. PLoS ONE 8(10): e75987

Plainis S, Petratou D, Giannakopoulou T, Atchison DA, Tsilimbaris MK (2011). Binocular summation improves performance to defocus-induced blur. Invest Ophthalmol & Vis Sci. 52(5): 2784-89

Laretzaki G, Plainis S, Argyropoulos S, Pallikaris IG, Bitrsios P (2010). Threat and anxiety affect visual contrast perception. Journal of Psychopharmacology. 24(5): 667-75

Plainis S, Parry NRA, Panorgias A, Sapountzis P, Murray IG (2009). Detection of compound gratings: characteristics of spatial summation. Vision Research, 49(16): 2056-66

Plainis S, Tzatzala V, Orphanos Y, Tsilimbaris MK (2007). A modified ETDRS visual acuity chart for European-wide use. Optometry & Vision Science, 84 (7): 647-53.

Plainis S, Murray IJ and Pallikaris IG (2006). Road traffic casualties: understanding the night-time death toll, Injury Prevention, 12: 125-128.

Plainis S, Ginis HS and Pallikaris A (2005). The effect of ocular aberrations on steady-state errors of accommodative response. Journal of Vision, 5(5), 466-477,

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Plainis, S. and Murray, I.J. (2000). Neurophysiological interpretation of human visual reaction times; effect of contrast, spatial frequency and luminance. Neuropsychologia, 38(12): 1555-64.