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12th Aegean Summer School in Visual Optics

12th Aegean Summer School in Visual Optics

Aegean Summer School

Τhe 12th Aegean Summer School in Visual Optics will take place at Chania(Arsenali), Crete - Greece, on 29th and 30th June, 2016, prior to the Aegean Cornea meeting


The Aegean Summer School in Visual Optics is an international course organized annually since 2002 by the Institute of Vision and Optics (IVO), University of Crete, with guest speakers, pioneers in their field and a plethora of participants from all around the world.

The school is open to students and researchers working in vision science (ophthalmologists, physicists, optometrists and opticians), since it provides up-to-date knowledge and recent developments in the scientific field of Optics and Vision with application in ophthalmology and optometry.


The scientific program includes presentations on current basic and advanced research topics in the field of “Visual Optics” with an emphasis on:


  • Emmetropisation 
  • Refraction and ocular aberrations, 
  • Retinal image quality, 
  • Crystalline lens and accommodation, 
  • Adaptive optics in vision research and ophthalmic imaging, 
  • Advances in spectacle, contact lens and intraocular lens designs, 
  • Advances in the correction of myopia and presbyopia
  • Refractive surgery


This year, with the opportunity of the 25th anniversary of the first LASIK, the Summer School will dedicate most of its program on the origin, the effects and the treatment of refractive error.


Program Director
Ioannis Pallikaris, MD, PhD


Organizing Committee

Sotiris Plainis, MSc, PhD

Aristophanis Pallikaris, MSc

Harilaos Ginis, PhD