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The Lab of Vision and Optics organizes annually the international meetings AEGEAN CORNEA and AEGEAN RETINA, that take place in the Aegean are regarded as conferences of great scientific importance. A large number of scientists that are leaders in their field participate in both meetings.


Annually since 2002, our Institute organizes the AEGEAN SUMMER SCHOOL IN VISUAL OPTICS suitable for young Ophthalmologists, Optometrists, Opticians and Vision researchers with a backgroung in medicine, physics and mathematics, interested to get an in-depth multi-disciplinary knowledge in Visual Optics. All presentations of the School are given by the faculty of University of Crete and invited speakers with a significant experience in the field.


Meetings of 2013:

Aegean Retina XIIΙ


Meetings of 2011:

Aegean Retina XII

10th Aegean Summer School in Visual Optics


Meetings of 2010:

Aegean Cornea X Meeting

9th Aegean Summer School in Visual Optics