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MSc course in "Optics and Vision"

MSc course in "Optics and Vision"

The MSc course in Optics and Vision is organized by the Departments of Medicine, Mathematics, Physics and Material Sciences of the University of Crete the last 8 years. At its field of study are included analysis and image processing of the visual system, modelling of image quality, development of appropriate software for the evaluation and modelling of optical behaviour, optics of the eye, electrophysiology and psychophysics of vision, visual ergonomics (applications in various human activities ie driving, sports), design and development of new devices for the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, correlation of the genotype and phenotype of hereditary eye diseases and imaging of brain function.


Call for applications usually takes place each May and includes application form, degree in related sciences, short CV and 2 letters of recommendation. Candidates are invited for personal interview by the organizing committee within July. Mostly 12 students are selected and studies last two academic years.


Please visit the website of the Aegean Summer School in Visual Optics, since the program of Summer School is a synopsis of the fields of interest of the MSc course.


For more information in relation to the program please contact the administrative secretariat:


Ms Dokoumetzidi Tzeni


Tel: 0030 2810-394868

Fax: 0030 2810 394569